Welcome to Aukejan Mail

Deutsche Telekom has suggested that I put contact information on this page. I don't object, so here it is for now.

1. There is no company. The webmaster is a single individual and these sites are non-commercial.

2. The webmaster's name is Robert Kiraly aka OldCoder and BoldCoder. He is in his 60s and has worked professionally as a developer since 1978.

3. The webmaster is technically homeless. Presently, there is no formal residence address. The person who the webmaster stayed with most recently died on Saturday Sept. 18 so the webmaster is probably going to be on the road again.

4. You can send abuse complaints, DMCA notices, questions, and/or comments to the following email address: me at boldcoder dot com

5. If you'd like to speak by phone, send email to request a phone number. Note: If the subject is a legal issue, phone calls may be recorded, transcribed, and posted.

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